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Eltech Electrical Switchboard Enclosures

Created a new DriveWorks design automation system for Eltech in Melbourne, Australia, to configure their latest range of electrical switchboard enclosures. The system allowed for the selection of cabinet height, widths, and types; door configurations; and internal mounting components. 2D PDF drawings suitable for their customers were generated and automatically sent to the designer.


Crest Shower Screens

Helped Crest Showers in Auckland, NZ, streamline their shower screen design process using DriveWorks. The system presented forms to the designer allowing them to select the required sizes and componentry. The forms dynamically updated to show only the relevant options based on earlier inputs. The required 3D models and 2D drawings were automatically generated.


Motus Hydraulics

Helped Motus Hydraulics in Hastings, NZ, improve their existing DriveWorks design automation system for hydraulic cylinders. The system was already functioning well, they just wanted advice on possible improvements and tweaks.



Currently working with Archgola in NZ to expand their existing DriveWorks design automation system to include a new pergola design.

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